6 мая 2016 г.

Dt Call Prima

Привет всем !!!!
Долго думала я ,но решилась попробовать себя и подать заявку в Приму.Это конечно же команда мечта!!!!!На следующий год подготовлюсь заранее и буду идти к этой цели.

Hello, my name is Inga, I'm 34 years old. I live in the city of Tiraspol Moldova. I have three children, thanks to them I love skrapbooking. Yes, no matter how corny it sounds, but it is the desire to do for the kids beautiful album and as a result I in scrapbooking. I just got lost in the world of beauty.))))) I like to work in different styles and develop new ones. And each of my work I use chipbord, bradsy, buttons,sprays and paint very love.Want them to be in the team design and develop together with you .I responsible person, and I can work in a team. 
  Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/inga.popovich
I am a member of the design team 
http://dommerletti.blogspot.md/?m=0 and http://mixedmediawarriors.blogspot.md/2016/02/zespo-projektowy-mixed-media-warriors.html
I would be very happy if I come to you !! Thank you !!

Card and foto tutorial here

Foto tutorial here

altered scrap
Foto tutorial here

Foto tutorial here



Thank you for watching!!!

Спасибо за просмотр!!

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